Some things people frequently ask us about the Red Prince.

What is the difference between the Red Prince apple and other apple varieties?

The Red Prince is only available for a limited time. It is locally available from the Winter until the Summer, where as other local apples are typically sold immediately after they are harvested in the fall. The Red Prince is cellared from the fall until the new year to bring out its full taste and texture. It has a deep, red colour which indicates that it is high in antioxidants.

It has a very unique flavour combination – it is both sweet and juicy (like the Golden Delicious) and crisp and tangy (like the Jonathan).

The Red Prince is also unique because of the many ways it can be prepared. It is delicious when eaten fresh – on it’s own or in salads – but it is also perfect to be cooked, baked or juiced. It truly is your all-in-one apple.

What’s really exciting about the Red Prince is that, for so many people, it’s grown so close to home. It is a local Ontario apple, available from the Winter until the Summer. On top of all of this, it stays crisp for weeks if stored in the fridge.

What are the characteristics of the Red Prince apple?

The Red Prince’s most charming characteristics are its nutrient-rich, red skin, its tangy-sweet flavour and its versatility. It is excellent when eaten fresh, used in salads, cooked, sauteed,  put in soup, used in baked goods or made into juice. Simply put, the Red Prince is your go-to apple for almost everything.

How is it available in the winter when other apples are ripe in the fall?

The Red Prince apple is harvested in the Fall and cellared for several months, allowing it to fully develop its robust, tangy-sweet flavour. This is similar to how wines must be cellared to mature.

Where can I buy Red Prince apples?

With the Red Prince being distributed to many major supermarkets and retailers each year, there’s a good chance you’ll find some close to home. For an up to date list of stores, or to track down the Red Prince with our interactive search map, view our Where to Buy page.

Is it true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

It can certainly help! Indicated by its rich red skin, the apple is high in antioxidants, which can protect your body from harmful cell damage. They are delicious and packed with fibre, protein and essential fatty acids. That’s a whole lot of benefits you can hold in one hand. Click here for nutritional information.

Are the Red Prince apples grown anywhere else in Canada?

No, they are grown exclusively in Thornbury, Ontario. The beautiful apple growing district, along the southern shores of Georgian Bay, produces some of the most beautiful fruit we’ve ever seen.

Is this apple organic? Does it contain pesticides?

Red Prince apples are grown in a uniquely sustainable and innovative fashion that puts heavy focus on greatly minimizing pesticide application. For more information on Red Prince apple’s growing practices, view our growing practices page.

Is the apple genetically modified?

Absolutely not. Like many other apple varieties we have today, it is a natural cross between two apples: A Golden Delicious and a Red Jonathan. It has inherited the best properties of both. It is sweet and juicy like the Golden Delicious and is wonderfully crisp and tangy like the Jonathan.

What is so special about this apple?

As indicated by its deep red skin, the Red Prince apple is high in antioxidants and has a very unique flavour combination – it is sweet and juicy like the Golden Delicious and it’s wonderfully crisp and tangy like the Jonathan. It stores well, retaining its crisp texture, and is a premium Ontario apple that is available only from Winter through to Summer. The Red Prince’s unique cellar maturation process sets it aside from other premium apples, but to best answer this question you have to try one for yourself. You’ll see what we mean.

How much does the apple cost (retail)?

It is up to retailers to decide pricing, much like any other product. However, the Red Prince is a premium apple, so it is priced similar to other premium apples in any grocery store.

Where can people go to learn more about the Red Prince apple?

Our website has great recipe ideas, nutrition facts and information on how the apples are grown. Additional areas to learn more are our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.

Why is it called the Red Prince? What is the origin of its name?

Mr. Princen was a grower from the small town of Weert – along the German-Dutch border, where this beautiful, natural cross between a Golden Delicious and a Red Jonathan apple was first discovered. He founded Red Prince, and was inspired by the apples perfect, deep red colour. He gave it its name after the beautiful colour of the skin and his own last name – hence, the Red Prince.

What should I look for in stores to find Red Prince apples?

To see what Red Prince apples and their packaging look like, you can find them in store or by visiting the Our Apples page.

Note: The 2.5lbs bags are PP5 recyclable

Is there a sustainability practice involved when growing Red Prince apples?

Yes! Our eco-sprayers reduce the amount of crop treatments used by 30 percent. When used in combination with the high density planting systems, as is the case with the Red Prince, eco sprayers reduce pesticide application by 75 percent from conventional apple growing orchards. Our Drip Irrigation method also results in water conservation.