The Red Prince Apple in Bloom

As this marks my last blog entry of the 2012 season, I thought I’d share some photos of the Red Prince apple trees as they appear currently. 
Global Fruit orchard - home of the Red Prince apple
Over the next few months, the bees will further pollinate the trees. In turn, they will continue to blossom and eventually bear fruit.
A bee pollinates a Red Prince apple blossum
Red Prince apple trees are kept small and pruned regularly. This way, all apples receive equal sun exposure, thus improving the quality of the fruit.
An orchard employee prunes a Red Prince apple tree
You’ll also notice that the Red Prince apple trees are planted close together. This is the case with a high density planting system.
The Red Prince apple trees are planted close together
Like other apples, the Red Prince apples will be harvested in the fall. However, Red Prince apples will not appear in stores until the winter – after they’ve spent several months in controlled atmosphere storage, which allows them to fully develop their flavour profiles and signature crunchy texture. Controlled atmosphere storage is a non chemical process that involves the careful control of temperature, oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidity to achieve apples of the highest quality. Carbon dioxide does not harm the apples in any way.
Home of the Red Prince apple
For more information on the Red Prince apple growing practices, click here.

While I am signing off, please remember that the Red Prince apple will still be in stores until July! So continue to look for those shiny, deliciously crisp, sweet-tangy apples and enjoy them before they’re gone!

Until next year,

The Red Prince