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An Apple Like No Other – The Red Prince®

The grower who first discovered this beautiful, natural cross between a Golden Delicious and a Red Jonathan apple was inspired by its perfect, deep red colour. He gave the apple its name after the founder: Mr. Princen, from Weert – a small town that sits quietly along the German-Dutch border, where it was discovered. In the Red Prince®’s new home, along the shore of Georgian Bay-Ontario, South Shore Montreal-Quebec or Appalachian Valley-Nova Scotia, it is harvested in the fall and cellared until the new year – somewhat like a fine wine. While it sleeps, its flavour and texture are enhanced as the natural sugars and acids mature to elevate the eating experience of this premium apple.  When all is finished, it is left with a tangy-sweet taste and a rich, crisp red skin that is high in antioxidants.

Find the Red Prince® Near You

Red Prince® apples are distributed to many of the major grocery retailers each winter. Chances are you can find some close to home. Check our WHERE TO BUY page to learn more.

Let the Red Prince® Inspire Your Cooking

Whether you’re the one cooking or the one being cooked for, you’ll be amazed by the number of unique ways a Red Prince® apple can be prepared. To add some new favourites to your recipe book, visit our recipes page.