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A collection of some of the great comments from the past year!

I have finally found the perfect red apple! Your Red Prince® are the best apples I’ve ever tasted. I started to buy them in early 2015 in Montreal (IGA, and now buy them exclusively).

They are amazing: not too sweet and crunchy. I did not know that they are only available from winter to summer until I read:

It’s unfortunate that they are not available all year around.  Keep up the great work.

Thanks A.P.

Just wanted to say that I’ve only tried Red Prince® apples since January of this year.  These are the best apples I have had.  They are slightly tart, sweet and they are crunchy.  They taste like having a fresh apple in the winter months.  Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying them.  Thank you from Hamilton, Ontario.

Regards Elaine and Mike G.

My husband and I became addicted fans of the Red Prince® apple this year around Christmas time and have told everyone who would listen about what a wonderful apple they are. I was told by a cashier at the local Freshco store (London, ON) that they are a late harvest apple from the Collingwood area. I have bought them ever since.  Thank you for bringing such a delicious product to the marketplace.

Regards, Gail N.

Hi, I buy your apples every week. Kanata Ontario a suburb of Ottawa.

Thanks. Judy N

I just recently discovered your apples and they are my new favorite. I’m in BC and can only get them at Save-On-Foods

Thanks S.R.

I just loved those apples and had hooked a number of people onto them!

George J.

I don’t usually write to companies but I had to write to you!  Your Red Prince® apples are our family’s absolute favourite apples.  I have purchased several bags over the past year and will not buy anything else from now on.  I can always rely on every apple in the bag being perfect.  Well done to every employee involved in every stage of producing such a fine product!

Trisha W.

Have been purchasing Taste at its Peak apples at Metro and Sobeys and they are far superior to anything available!

Thanks for growing! Lisa W.

I absolutely love the Red Prince® apple, it’s juicy, crispy and all around tasty. This is the best apple I have ever eaten.

Suzanne W.

This is the second year that I have enjoyed these wonderful special apples and they are from Thornbury…how terrific!…truly Canadians!

Just wanted to tell you how great they are.

So good to be able to get them in North Bay!

Heather C.

I just wanted to say how happy I am to have discovered these amazing apples.  I’ve never been so excited to find locally grown fruit in the middle of winter that was so incredibly delicious.  I even emailed my family to get them out to the grocery store to try these things!  I don’t usually write to companies to thank them for anything, but I’m thanking you!  I love my fresh fruit and it’s important to me to buy locally grown produce.  I love Royal Gala and Honey Crisp, but your Red Prince® apples are the best I’ve had all year.  Congrats and keep up the good work.

Cheers, Jody R

I came across the Red Prince® Apple a coupe of weeks ago, for the first time.

I am on a never-ending search for the perfect apple, but I think I found it. It’s a great tasting, long lasting, well priced product. It’s a also great looking apple! Our family loves it, and I’ve been spreading the word since my first bite.

Thanks for a great homegrown product!

Lily F.

Thanks for the most delicious apple in the world! I have been enjoying Red Prince® apples for about three years, and am so happy that there is now an Ontario grower and that I can get Red Prince® all year round! I eat 2 RP apples everyday!

Heather B.

Just want to say that I picked up a package of Red Prince® apples last week. Never had them before, never heard of them, but they are delicious! Your packaging is innovative too, and seems to keep them very fresh.

Congrats on growing a really good Apple.

Regards, Carlene H

We’re now eating our second 2.5# bag of your fantastic Red Prince® apples. We bought the first bag last week at Save-On-Foods here in our town, Sidney, BC. $3.99 per bag.

They are far better than any other apples available to us right now…..and we live next door to the Okanagan Valley and Washington state with all of their apple varieties. Tart, crisp, juicy, aromatic…. We love one in our home-made granola every morning. Thank you for bringing this welcome Dutch immigrant to Canada.

Steve and Robyn M

I had to tell you how very much I adore your Red Prince® Apples – this is by far, my favourite apple to eat! And….I eat a lot of different apples…

I have introduced them to my work colleagues and they love them too.

Thank you for making such delicious, sweet crunchy apples. I’m so very glad you brought them over from the Netherlands 🙂

Azeena J.

Just thought I’d let you know I first bought your apples about two weeks ago, they are the best I have ever tasted, and most certainly at this time of the year.  I hope they can be available for a few months of the year.  Doubly wonderful for those of us who like to support Ontario food producers.  Thanks for bringing us such a good product.

Gilles M

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy the taste of Red Prince® apples.  Last year was the first time I had tasted them and I am so glad they are back in my local grocery store.

Wonderful to be able to enjoy something so good that is grown in Ontario.

Rose M

Where have these apples been until now? I don’t buy any other as long as I can get these in my local Metro.

Thanks Rita R.

Your apples have made my winter much, much more bearable! They are fantastic, and even the packaging is fun.  Thanks for bringing this apple variety to Canada!

Kirsti P.

Just thought I would send a quick note to say how much I love Red Prince® Apples!!  So delicious!!  Your orchards looked beautiful at night just before Christmas!

Cheers, Ellen F.

We just want to say thank you! Your apples are amazing, delicious and we love them to eat and cook with. Apples have been changed so much, many of them taste like nothing and, were fast becoming just a waste of our food buying dollar; Until I met your Red Prince®!

Thank you for giving us something worth eating. They are some of the best apples we have eaten for years.

Janice and Nick D.

unnamedI live in Wakefield Quebec and look forward to your apples every winter. Just made some apple blueberry Crisp with them and thought I would share a photo with you. Best winter apples ever!

Leslie F.

I have in years passed enjoyed The Red Prince® Apple—-Purchased from a Meijer store. I am interested in being able to purchase perhaps 1/2 to a whole bushel next.

Granville G.

I purchased a bag of your Red Prince® apples last week (from the local Food Basics) and they are absolutely fantastic!!!! The package was extremely appealing and they were crisp, sweet and tangy. Kudos to your company.

Lisa L.

I purchased my first bag of Red Prince® apples a week or so ago & I am now addicted to them.  That is the best apple I have ever eaten & I am not kidding.  As you promised, it is so sweet, juicy & crisp.  I have been eating them as my snacks at work.  Now I will need to buy more to cook with too. Every apple tastes the same & the texture if perfect.  So many “fresh” fruit at the grocery store are a waste of money but not the Red Prince®.  I have been spreading the word.  Thank you for the perfect snack.

Marie-France K

I just wanted to say that this is by far my new favorite apple. Never in my life have I wanted to eat 3 apples in the same day! If an apple a day keeps the doctor away I will never be sick again with these apples :D. I am very glad to have found them!

Kelsey M

I just wanted to thank you for a delicious product.  I had never heard of the Red Prince® before this year and now that I have tried them, I have to say I am in LOVE.  This is the most perfect blend of sweet, tart, crunchy, juicy; apply goodness that I have ever tasted.  And bonus that they are grown here in Ontario! So, many thanks to you and your team for a job well done!

(I am going to buy some more tonight)

Take Care, Melissa F

I am very happy to have discovered your Red Prince® apples.  I love crunchy juicy apples and these fit the bill.  I really like that they use reduced pesticides.  Well done and thank you for bringing these delicious apples to Canada.  I will be buying these in future.  How long will they be on the market, will it be just for the winter?

Regards Gerrie H.

Red Prince® apples are a real discovery, and the tastiest apples I have ever eaten, and I have been spreading the word to friends, family, colleagues they are so sweet, juicy, crisp apples, and taste best out of the fridge, I bought a bag for my husband and me to eat, then I got hooked from the first bite yummy so I bought another bag to give out to my colleagues, so they could try them, then I bought another bag for me and my husband, to keep in our fridge crisper

I have to cut up an apple in thin wedges and then cut each wedge into bite size pieces in order to get my husband to eat any fruit so now we are both eating your apples at breakfast each day with our cereal, nuts, yogurt and almond milk, and vitamins part of a healthy start each day and I wanted you to know how much we are enjoying your beautiful red apples, they look and taste like an apple should, not like a  Red Delicious, which are mealy and no longer delicious to me, not Granny Smith, too hard and too sour.

You folks keep up the good work and keep those apple trees growing and keep those lovely apples coming so we all can keep enjoying them.


Thanks very much for taking a chance on the apples and for choosing Canada to grow them in.

Sincerely one of your biggest fans Libby W

I have just purchased a wonderful bag of your apples and wanted to complement you on the taste of the fruit and on the presentation Bag I bought it in.

Congratulations to you and thanks.

From Brenda F.

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