Our Story

The Red Prince® Passion

Irma and Marius Botden were born and raised in the Netherlands, where they chased their entrepreneurial dream and started their own fruit tree nursery. With their experience in Europe, they saw the opportunity to expand their business and immigrated to Canada. Before they did, they negotiated the rights to be the exclusive growers of Red Prince® apples in the country.

Now over 150,000 cases of Red Prince® apples leave our headquarters in Thornbury, Ontario, along the shores of Georgian Bay. Due to consumer demand in other provinces, we are now growing Red Prince Apples® locally in Quebec and the Maritimes to reduce our carbon footprint, and support locally grown and packed in each province.

When we know they’ve arrived in your local supermarket, been handpicked and enjoyed by you, that’s when we know our hard work has paid off. That’s when we can rest easy – until next year, of course.

Get Acquainted With the Red Prince®

What else would you like to know about Red Prince® apples? Maybe our FAQ has the answer.

Refresh Your Recipe Collection

If you like to cook or know someone who does, the Red Prince® is your apple. They are perfect to enjoy fresh, baked, grilled, sautéed, sauced, even put in soup or crushed for juice. Get inspired and get cooking.