About the Growers

The Botdens – A Journey that Started with an Apple.

The Botdens were born in the Netherlands, where Irma Botden studied social pedagogy and worked in the health care sector for several years. Marius Botden, taking an early interest in managing orchards, decided to earn a Bachelor’s degree in horticulture, specializing in growing fruit. Eager to advance his craft, he gained more experience by working in garden centres and at landscaping companies.

The Botdens

Once this entrepreneurial couple was married, they started their own fruit tree nursery, while Irma furthered her education by enrolling in an orchard maintenance course. Needless to say, the Botdens have no lack of knowledge when it comes to this passion of theirs. In 2001, wanting to explore new challenges and expand their business, they decided to immigrate to Canada. Not only did they believe that Canada offered the best opportunity for success, but they fell in love with the country’s wide open spaces and rich cultural mosaic.

Prior to their departure from the Netherlands, they negotiated the rights to become the exclusive growers of the Red Prince apple in Canada, and imported root stock from their nursery in Holland. In 2001, they became co-owners of Botden Orchards. Since then, they have been dedicated to the continual discovery and implementation of innovative agricultural technologies and best apple production/management practices.

Marius and Irma built the foundation; the second-generation family members are now taking leadership responsibility with Gerbe Botden as Orchard Manager, Gitty Botden as Plant Coordinator and Sacha Botden as Production Manager. Ensuring philosophical continuity.

As of August 2013, they have become a fully integrated operation, as a grower/packer/shipper named Blue Mountain Fruit Company.

Try a Red Prince®, and experience the distinct and delicious taste that can only come from years of passion and hard work.