Our Orchards

Our orchards operate using the most up to date management practices in order to minimize resource usage per apple produced. With high efficiency crop protection equipment and drip fertigation systems our inputs are used as efficiently as possible to produce sustainably produced, high quality apples for our customers.

Due to consumer demand in other provinces, we are now growing Red Prince Apples® locally in Quebec and the Maritimes to reduce our carbon footprint, and support locally grown and packed in each province.

Packing Plant

Our Packing Plant

In order to ensure we send the best apples to our customers, we built a new 110,000 ft2 facility. Our state of the art computerized packing plant sorts our apples by the best colour, taste and eliminates internal/external defects. This ensures that our apples meet and exceed all quality expectations.

Packing Plant

Our Distribution

We endeavour to leverage off our retailers’ empty trucks going back to their warehouse from dropping off groceries at stores near our facility to reduce the trucking carbon footprint.

Our Red Prince Bags


Red Prince Apples are grown sustainably, and now offer a truly innovative bag using an organic additive by Midori-Bio. Red Prince is proud to introduce this innovation which is a first of its kind. This technology means you have a choice; recycle the bag in any city recycling program or put it out with your garbage for local landfills. The bag will quickly start to decompose using the natural microbes in the soil, consuming the bag to its basic elements at a rate of 5-15% in 30 days. We are truly excited to lead sustainable food packaging in a positive direction, returning our packaging back to humus and supporting landfill energy recovery.


Red Prince bag will be the first in Canada to introduce a new innovation plastic. This clear plastic bag moves us from a #5 recycle to a #2 plastic; which is the most accepted and recycled plastic.

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