Red Prince® Pairings

February 11, 2015 | 0 commentsRed Prince® Pairings

Apples are so versatile, they can be used so many ways… the Red Prince® Apple is no exception. With its sweet and tangy finish and its crispy and juicy texture, it lends itself especially well to eating on its own or paired with many different cheeses.

Cheese and apples have been paired together for centuries, one of the simplest foods to put together and enjoy.

Having some friends together for a get together? A plate of cheese and apples is a simple, yet elegant appetizer to serve, perfect for gathering around and having wonderful conversations. As mentioned above, the sweet and tangy crispness of the Red Prince® pairs very well with many different styles of cheese, so you can serve a combination of cheeses to satisfy all of your guest’s preferences.

  • The slight acidity of the Red Prince® apple helps cut down the richness in cheeses such as Gorgonzola making a delightful pairing
  • The sweetness and crispness of the Red Prince® also works beautifully with the silky smooth texture and earthiness of Camembert or Brie (any creamy cheese works well).
  • Enjoy a blue cheese? The sweetness of the Red Prince® pairs beautifully with the sharpness of the cheese
  • Nutty cheeses such Gouda and Gruyere are perfect to pair with the slight tanginess of the Red Prince®
  • The stronger the cheese, the better the sweetness of the Red Prince® works to mellow the flavour of the cheese for a wonderful combination, perfect with sharp cheddars
  • The tangy, sweet combination of the Red Prince® along with its crispness, work wonderfully to enhance the fresh tanginess of goat cheese
  • Add some prosciutto or salami to the cheese plate, and your guests can wrap the meats around the cheese and apple slices for a wonderful explosion of taste and textures in their mouths

Put some of the above combinations together and your guests will be very happy… who doesn’t love a great cheese tray?





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